Conspiracy/Health Care Fraud

Two people agreeing to commit a crime is conspiracy. Even if you commit an otherwise legal act, you can be found guilty of conspiracy to commit a crime if you knew that the act helped or furthered the goal of the conspiracy.

The problem with the criminal charge of conspiracy is that it is extremely broad. When federal authorities make an arrest on conspiracy charges, they have cast a wide net that may catch people who masterminded a crime, as well as people who had very little knowledge or involvement.

The issue your attorney will need to prove when preparing your defense is that you had no knowledge of illegal activity or did not intend to make the conspiracy succeed.

Skilled Defense Against Conspiracy Charges

Contact the Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, PA. Our defense attorneys get involved at the earliest stage of a criminal investigation, during Medicaid and Medicare audits and insurance investigations. Our goal is to prevent our clients from facing indictment on criminal charges whenever possible. If we cannot persuade the prosecutor to drop charges, we are prepared to vigorously defend our client in court.

We stand willing to defend doctors, clinics, pharmacists, durable medical equipment providers, HIV infusion clinics, and home health care agencies on charges of health care fraud and related criminal offenses such as:

We also defend clients on civil charges arising from criminal cases. In a civil RICO case involving health care fraud and conspiracy, the "victim" may be able to sue for treble damages, plus attorney fees. This can run in the millions of dollars. We provide comprehensive defense in both criminal and civil cases.

Contact a Healthcare Conspiracy Defense Lawyer

Our attorneys work to help clients avoid criminal charges, legal complications and heavy penalties with conspiracy defense. To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact the Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz.