Post Conviction Relief

If you believe your conviction or plea of guilty was based on inadequate legal representation, you may have the right to challenge it. In Florida, you also have the right to expunge or seal your record for many crimes.

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  • Post Conviction Relief: After you have exhausted all your direct appeals, you can make a motion for post conviction relief, whereby the court will hear arguments concerning inadequate representation, or other legal reasons to set aside a plea of guilty or conviction. If successful, a post conviction motion will result in setting aside your conviction.
  • Expungement and Record Sealing: This is the process of sealing your criminal record so your conviction is not publicly known. Each state has different laws relating to an expungement. If successful, you will be able to say in most situations that you were never convicted of a crime.

There are strict time limitations relating to post conviction relief. You must act quickly in order to protect your right to relief. Failing to contact a criminal defense lawyer may jeopardize your ability to clear your record.

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