Teacher Offenses / Licensure Issues

Any time a teacher is charged with a crime — from drunk driving to drug possession — they are required to notify their school and the state Department of Education. In addition to possibly facing criminal charges, you may also face an administrative hearing or disciplinary proceedings.

A professional career that took years to build can be erased in an instant if criminal charges or accusations of ethical violations result in the suspension or revocation of your teachers' license.

Prompt and effective intervention by an experienced attorney can be critical to preserving your professional credentials and retaining your license.

Helping Teachers Retain Their Professional Licenses

At the Orlando Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, we provide legal advice and representation to teachers and college professors facing disciplinary action and possible loss of professional licensure before a disciplinary review board. We also represent teachers charged with offenses in criminal court.

We begin your defense immediately and work hard to protect your rights involving teacher criminal offenses and licensure issues, both in and out of court. By talking with a defense attorney immediately, you can avoid making mistakes that could hurt your case and your chances for success.

Whether your case arose because of a criminal charge such as — drug possession, theft, or domestic assault — or from professional misconduct such as inappropriate contact or breach of ethical standards, our goal is always to save your career and, avoid criminal prosecution and incarceration.

The Importance of Early Intervention

When our firm is brought in early, we strive to negotiate an outcome that exceeds our client's expectations. Our years of experience and sound judgment enable us to be effective advocates with employers, professional boards, and prosecutors.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, ensuring a defense lawyer responds quickly. Contact our office online or call (407) 401-7224 for criminal defense representation.