Whether our client is a careless tourist who wandered out of a shop while carrying unpaid merchandise and was charged with shoplifting, or an Orlando worker charged with breaking into a car and stealing cash and credit cards, our criminal defense firm is equally committed to their defense against theft charges in the Florida justice system.

Speak To An Attorney First

Statements made to law enforcement officials without counsel can have disastrous consequences. If you have been arrested or charged with theft, it is important that you seek advice from your lawyer before speaking with police, prosecutors, or witnesses. Contact our Orlando criminal defense law office for advice about who to speak with and what to say.

When you speak with authorities without the guidance of an attorney, you take a great risk. Police and prosecutors are skilled at questioning those they suspect of committing a crime. In the difficult and stressful hours after an arrest, you could mistakenly incriminate yourself.

Before speaking with authorities, contact our law firm. We will protect your rights and help you tell your side of the story clearly and effectively.

Florida Law On Theft, Burglary And Robbery

Theft crimes include embezzlement, shoplifting, identity theft, receiving stolen property, robbery, burglary, and larceny. Theft of property under $300 is a 2nd degree misdemeanor, with penalties as high as 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. If the stolen property has a value over $300, penalties range from 5 to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

In addition to fines, incarceration, restitution, and probation, a felony theft or misdemeanor theft conviction may result in the loss of eligibility for student loans and professional licenses, and can impact advancement opportunities in the military, among other things.

Theft Crimes

  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Larceny
  • Robbery
  • Armed Robbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Shoplifting
  • Identity Theft
  • Receiving Stolen Property
  • Possession of Burglary Tools
  • Credit Card Theft
  • Writing Stolen Checks / Forgery
  • Writing Bad Checks

Some theft charges fall under the category of White Collar Crime, an area our firm has focused on since 1980.

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Our criminal lawyers will discuss your charges and possible outcomes with you. When representing clients charged with theft, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, larceny, and other property crimes, we investigate the facts and the evidence, negotiate with law enforcement and the court for dismissal or reduction of charges, and when necessary to obtain a favorable result, aggressively defend them at trial and on appeal.

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