False Accusations of Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

False allegations of sex crimes are commonly observed in cases such as the following:

  • In child custody cases, one parent may accuse the other of committing or allowing another adult to molest a child who is at the center of the custody dispute.
  • When a dating relationship ends, the spurned lover may accuse the other of forced sexual relations or other sex crimes, as a way to retaliate. The accused may have believed that sexual relations were consensual — but now the ex-lover claims that force, coercion or misrepresentation was involved. The angry partner reports an incident to the police and calls it a sex crime.
  • Police investigators may create the illusion that a sex crime has occurred — and then arrest the person involved. For example, they may pose as minors in Internet chat rooms and wait for a participant to "solicit sex from a minor." This type of entrapment amounts to a false allegation of a crime that did not actually occur.

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