Tax Crimes

The state and federal governments aggressively pursue those suspected of avoiding their tax obligations. If you have been accused of tax evasion or filing false returns, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, P.A., can help you answer the charges. In many cases, we can show that the financial inaccuracies were the result of a misunderstanding rather than any real intent to defraud.

When dealing with tax crimes or any other financial matter, it is critically important to remain calm and not to disturb any potential evidence. All too often, those accused of fraud panic and begin to destroy documents that they perceive as incriminating. Not only does this complicate the matter at hand, but it can also lead to serious obstruction of justice charges.

Experienced Tax Law Attorneys

Our skilled legal team is ready to assist with a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • State and federal criminal tax matters: If you have been accused of a tax crime in Florida, our attorneys will help you protect your assets and your freedom.
  • Tax evasion: The IRS takes an aggressive stance against those who are suspected of tax evasion.
  • Failure to file tax returns: In many cases, the failure to file a tax return is the result of a misunderstanding or mistake rather than an attempt to violate the law.
  • Failure to properly withhold wages: Companies are required to withhold the proper amount of income, Social Security payments and Medicare costs from their employees' wages. If you have been accused of failing to withhold, our attorneys can help.
  • Failure to pay taxes: Taxation requirements can be enormously complex, and this complexity often causes people to miss certain tax obligations.
  • False statements on tax returns: If you have been accused of making a false statement, our lawyers will provide in-depth legal support.

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If you have been accused of a state or federal tax crime, our law firm can help you prepare an effective defense. To schedule a consultation with an experienced tax attorney at The Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, contact our firm online or call (407) 401-7224.