Tax Evasion

The IRS takes an aggressive stance against those it suspects of filing false statements on their tax returns. By law, it is a crime for anyone to willfully make or sign a return, statement or other document under penalties of perjury and submit that document to the Internal Revenue Service. Penalties for filing false statements can be significant, including a prison sentence of up to three years. The most common application of this statute applies to a tax return that contains a material false statement. A false statement can include understating income or overstating deductions.

Criminal Investigations Into False Statements

A civil tax audit at times may lead to a referral by the civil agent to the Criminal Investigations Division if the civil agent believes that the taxpayer willfully committed tax fraud. Over the years Mark Horwitz has had the privilege of representing individuals under audit, which involved issues that while not illegal, may give the appearance of improper conduct. It is very important for anyone with a tax return that is out of the norm or that may be perceived by an internal revenue officer to be conduct that approaches fraud, to invoke his or her rights to deal with the civil agent through a representative.

An Experienced Attorney For Criminal Tax Matters

A criminal tax investigation is a long and arduous ordeal that puts the person under investigation under a great deal of emotional stress. Stress can adversely affect one's business and one's health and it is important to appreciate the seriousness of any contact with a criminal investigator from the Internal Revenue Service.

Mark Horwitz has represented people from all walks of life in criminal tax matters. These include senior airline pilots, doctors, architects, attorneys, small- and large-business owners. Backed by more than 30 years of legal experience, he is prepared to guide you through the legal issues you face.

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