Orlando Counterfeiting Attorney

You may have been charged with counterfeiting based on any of the following allegations:

  • You manufactured and used or distributed "fake money."
  • You knowingly tried to pass counterfeit currency when making a payment or purchase.
  • You created, distributed or used any fraudulent financial instrument: a counterfeit bank check, a counterfeit credit card, a counterfeit gift certificate or forged postage or bonds.

Our experienced and accomplished bad checks law firm represents Florida residents or anyone doing business in Tampa, Orlando or elsewhere in Florida, including tourists, in forgery, fraud and counterfeiting cases. The credibility of police or prosecution charges may hinge on proving that you knew that the money or other financial instrument that you used was phony. Charges and penalties will be more severe when larger dollar amounts are involved.

In a counterfeiting case as in any criminal matter, the sooner you have an experienced Orlando counterfeiting lawyer on your case, the more options there will be for satisfactory outcomes. Consider the strengths of the Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, P.A.

  • More than 30 years' experience
  • Phone answered 24 hours a day
  • Many clients helped in white collar crime cases

Our Orlando, Florida, criminal defense firm defends clients in Florida, circuit and appellate courts, U.S. federal district courts, courts of appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. It is important to have an attorney as soon as possible when under investigation. Our attorneys vigorously defend the rights of clients to prevent investigations from resulting in arrests and to defend criminal charges if filed. Contact our Orlando law office to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation with a lawyer

Experienced Florida Forgery Attorney

Our attorneys use aggressive and effective defense strategies to minimize the negative impact of evidence, charges and penalties. We help people in Tampa, Daytona Beach and throughout Florida. For thorough criminal defense representation, contact the Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz in Orlando, Florida. Call our law office at (407) 401-7224 or (866) 784-0023.