Money Laundering Defense Lawyer

According to, money laundering can be defined as "[l]egitimization (washing) of illegally obtained money to hide its true nature or source." When this term was originally used, money meant currency in most cases. Today, "money" can have other meanings, including checks, credit card transactions, money orders and online transfer of funds, as in Internet banking transactions. Money laundering generally takes place through these types of transactions and is now often used in any case which results in an allegation that money was obtained in violation of the law and that money was used in a banking financial transaction."

Related Charges

You may have been charged with money laundering in connection with other criminal allegations, such as the following:

Money laundry charges were originally designed as a way to capture and prosecute participants in organized crime, such as drug cartels. In today's world of law enforcement and criminal justice, "money laundering" charges are often brought against individuals and organizations under investigation for crimes such as securities fraud.

Forfeiture Of Assets During A Money Laundering Case

Money laundering charges provide a pretext for forfeiture of funds, making it very difficult for defendants to afford quality legal representation. For this reason, our Orlando white collar crime attorneys urge you to take action immediately if you have reason to believe that you are under suspicion of money laundering or any related white collar crime such as operation of a Ponzi scheme.

Our Orlando, Florida, criminal defense firm represents defendants in white collar crime cases in Florida, circuit and appellate courts, U.S. federal district courts, courts of appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court. It is important to have a lawyer as soon as possible when under investigation. Our attorneys vigorously defend the rights of clients while seeking to prevent investigations from resulting in arrests.

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