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How much do you really know about embezzlement?

Over the last decade, the term white collar crime has perhaps become synonymous with major criminal activity like mortgage fraud, tax fraud and general misconduct by corporate executives. Indeed, the Justice Department announced just last month that it would be pursuing a new white collar crime strategy in the coming years, specifically targeting individual executives and employees for prosecution.

As interesting as this trend has been, it's important to understand that both federal and state authorities have in no way lost their zeal for prosecuting other white collar crimes, including securities fraud, money laundering and, of course, embezzlement.

More states abolishing benefits bans for ex-drug offenders

According to data from both the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Federal Bureau of Prisons, an astounding 1.5 million people -- or roughly one in 35 people -- were behind bars here in the U.S. as recently as 2013.

In light of the high costs associated with maintaining such large prison populations, officials in many states have recently been exploring ways in which to reduce recidivism and, by extension, the collateral consequences that can accompany convictions.

Tale of decryption

Federal investigators pursued a Florida man they suspected of sex crimes for three years. Officials said he used sophisticated encryption software and other programs to shield files from law enforcement.

However, efforts to crack open the encrypted files finally paid off, officials said. In a courtroom south of Orlando, the suspect recently pleaded not guilty to three charges: distributing, receiving and possessing child pornography. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison on each count.

Mark Horwitz P.A. celebrates listing in Best Lawyers in America©

Today Mark Horwitz celebrates his inclusion in the 22nd Edition of The Best Lawyers in America© in the fields of non-white-collar and white-collar criminal defense. In over 30 years of practicing law, Horwitz has done everything from prosecuting the last Vietnam War draft dodger tried in Orlando to defending the inventor of Nautilus sports equipment against criminal tax charges. That experience has gained Horwitz this recognition for the eleventh consecutive year.

Feds say Ocoee man hacked charity in search for terrorist ties

Known as "hacktivists," they're private citizens who take the law into their own online hands, often in the name of freedom of information (think of Julian Assange). Some hacktivists use their skills to lay waste to websites created to recruit people into terrorist organizations and sites used to finance shadowy terror groups.

Is an Ocoee man a hacktivist? Not even the federal investigators who recently charged him with computer hacking seem to know. He apparently has told them little, except that he was researching financial connections between a global charity and jihadist organizations.

Protecting your Fourth Amendment rights and your freedom

Each amendment of the U.S. Constitution is important, but none protects a person's home and belongings as the Fourth Amendment does. In it, the founders of the nation stated that people have the right to be secure in their homes from "unreasonable searches and seizures."

When police raid a home looking for drugs, weapons, criminals, etc., they must have a valid search warrant or permission in order to enter the premises. An experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney knows that far too often officers get away with unlawful searches because a suspect doesn't know his or her rights or does not have legal representation that can protect those rights.

Heroin epidemic rages

As the presidential campaign heats up, candidates increasingly give stump speeches they have given dozens of times and then echo their repetitious statements in interviews with the media.

What we don't hear enough of in the midst of the political noise are frank, clear plans to address serious problems. One such issue plaguing Orange County and much of Central Florida: the epidemic of heroin addiction.

Public corruption charges rock tiny Florida town

You can virtually travel the 130 miles from Orlando to Hampton, Florida, in a moment. With an online map, you can peer inside the city of 400, stopping at its one-story City Hall with a rusty tin roof and rolling by the modest houses dotting its tree-lined streets.

The tiny town rocked last year by allegations of public corruption finds itself shaken again, this time by the arrest of its former city clerk.

Dying is easy

The upsides of death can be plentiful: your spouse can collect on your life insurance policy, you can get out from under debt and you can leave any legal or other financial troubles behind. The downside of death is pretty obvious: you're dead.

But WKMG of Orlando says technology makes it easier than ever to fake your own death -- or to file paperwork that makes it appear as if a loved one or personal enemy has perished. A computer security expert says the faking of deaths can be used to commit a number of different internet crimes, including insurance fraud and revenge on a foe.

FATCA, FBAR: Unconstitutional, says U.S. Senator

He's hoping to become President, but first he would like to strip the Internal Revenue Service of some of its power. Sen. Rand Paul is suing the Treasury Department and IRS in federal court over the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. He says in his lawsuit that FATCA violates constitutionally protected privacy rights. The suit also seeks to strike down FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account) filing requirements and penalties he deems unconstitutionally excessive.

Presidential candidate Paul argues that "FATCA deprives individuals of the right to the privacy of their financial affairs."

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