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How much do you know about Florida's sex crime registry? -- III

Over the last month, we've been exploring how those men and women who have paid their debt to society for a sex crime conviction are never truly free from the grasp of law enforcement given that Florida law mandates that their names must be added to the sex crime registry.

Indeed, in our last post on this subject, we began exploring some of the basic -- yet onerous -- reporting requirements by which those individuals classified as either a sexual offender or a sexual predator must abide. 

F Lee Bailey involvement | Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, P.A.

F. Lee Bailey got into some trouble with the government after representing an individual who was a major international drug dealer. The government is very interested in seizing the assets of any drug dealer. They were trying to do this without sharing any of the proceeds with Bailey. The government was able to reach an agreement that allowed Bailey to manage and try sell the assets. This agreement was made with the risk of the stock solely on Lee Bailey. After about 4 years the stock had gone up and the government wanted the money back. Bailey claimed that the risk was his so he was entitled to the gain.

State officials set sights on unemployment fraud

While economic conditions here in Florida and across the nation have improved considerably since the nightmare that was the Great Recession, it would be a mistake to think that we are somehow immune from any sort of ongoing financial difficulties. Indeed, the simple and sad reality is that thousands of Floridians are currently out of work.

If there is one bright spot in all this, however, it's that people can seek unemployment benefits from the Department of Economic Opportunity.

How much do you know about Florida's sex crime registry? -- II

As we discussed in a previous post, one of the more regrettable realities for those men and women here in Florida who have paid their debt to society is that they will still have to deal with both undue stigmatization and the looming presence of state law enforcement.

This is especially true for those who have served time for a sex crime conviction, as they will see their name added to the state's sex crime registry, something that will all but guarantee permanent contact with authorities, limited travel, lost employment opportunities and a life made considerably more difficult.

State lawmakers considering blanket ban on synthetic drugs

A few weeks back, our blog spent some time discussing how state law enforcement officials were becoming increasingly concerned over the spread of the synthetic drug known as flakka, which has been linked to over 60 deaths in Broward County alone.

To recap, flakka is a synthetic hallucinogen produced overseas that can be easily purchased for a reasonable price over the Internet. Also known as gravel, it has been linked to a host of serious and often fatal medical complications, including seizures, elevated heart rate and erratic behavior.

How much do you know about Florida's sex crime registry?

One of the more unfortunate and pernicious realities of a conviction on sex crime charges is that even after a person has paid their debt to society, they will not only face unfair stigmatization, but also prove largely unable to escape from under the long shadow cast by Florida law enforcement.

Indeed, this long shadow is perhaps best personified by the state's sex crime registry, which, in addition to ensuring a lifetime of regular contact with authorities, can limit travel, jeopardize job opportunities and make life considerably more difficult for those convicted of otherwise minor offenses.

Why do state lawmakers have their sights set on gas pumps?

State lawmakers will soon be heading back to Tallahassee for the start of the next legislative session, which runs from January 12 to March 10. It goes without saying that their agenda will be packed and that certain controversial issues will be broached.   

Interestingly enough, one of the issues that both chambers will be called upon to debate and decide is whether the penalties associated with the use of so-called "skimmers" need to be increased in order to address rising levels of credit card theft.

Flakka Becoming Known as the Devil's Drug in Florida

It is difficult to imagine an illegal narcotic in South Florida that can have a more powerful impact than crack cocaine, yet the new designer drug flakka has hit the streets with a vengeance. First recognized as an "epidemic" in mid-2014, Homeland Security already has a drug enforcement unit specifically devoted to it and United Way of Broward County has set up a multi-agency task force to address the health and chemical dependency problems it has caused individuals and families.

There have been more than 60 deaths in South Florida and Central Florida attributed to the drug and hospital emergency rooms are beginning to see frequent patients reporting vital signs that are dangerously out of the normal range. Beyond the deaths and physical health problems that can result from a single dose, the narcotic is powerfully addictive. So powerful, in fact, that the director of JC Recovery House, in Hollywood, Florida, says that more than 20 percent of the treatment slots are taken by flakka addicts, with many more turned away because of the low recovery rate among users.  

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