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Florida teacher arrested for DUI and cocaine possession

A Florida 5th grade teacher was arrested on April 15 for alleged DUI and cocaine possession. After the woman reportedly declined to take a breathalyzer test or participate in field sobriety tests she was then transported to jail. Police then claim to have found four grams of cocaine in the teacher's purse along with a rolled up ten-dollar bill containing a white powdery substance.

The teacher has been reassigned at least temporarily to the school district's administrative center. One parent who claims to have known the teacher states he was shocked by what took place.

Investment scheme conviction results in 10 year prison sentence

A Florida lawyer was just sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for alleged involvement in a money laundering and investment fraud scheme. This individual was originally charged in 2009, arrested in Nicaragua in 2013 and turned over to U.S. authorities. He reportedly pleaded guilty to charges in November 2013.

This individual along with other claimed co-conspirators were reported to have engaged in selling worthless stock to investors located in the United Kingdom. The investigation into this matter was said to have taken several years. They were claimed to have used telemarketers located mostly in Spain who then supposedly would prod individuals to wire money to bank accounts held in the Tampa Bay area. The lawyer was the last individual to be sentenced. In addition to jail time, he was also ordered to forfeit various properties and accounts and now also has a judgment of $42.5 million against him.

Stricken wiretap information leads to dismissal of charges

Charges against nine individuals arrested in a so-called stock manipulation case were dismissed by federal prosecutors.  It was reported that misstatements were used in order to seek approval for court-ordered wiretaps.  This in turn made it impermissible to use information obtained through the wiretapps as evidence at trial.

It is quite rare for such a suit to be dismissed in this manner.  The indictments of the nine were well-publicized last year after a three-year investigation had been conducted.  Prosecuting attorneys dismissed the charges because an application to record telephone calls contained "omissions and misstatements." 

Wrong person arrested and jailed for sexual assault charges

An 18-year-old high school student in Florida was arrested and jailed for sexual battery involving an individual under the age of 12. However, it now appears that he was arrested because he had the same name as the person who allegedly really committed the assault.

The wrongful arrest resulted in three police officers receiving formal counseling for their part in the mix-up, and one other officer faces a suspension. The officer facing the suspension received a disciplinary letter from the sheriff that stated: "As a result of your incompetence, an innocent man was arrested for an offense that he did not commit."

Two men face close to decade in prison on drug conspiracy charges

Two Florida men have been sentenced to prison for an alleged drug trafficking conspiracy supposedly involving five or more states.  One of those arrested is 69-years-old and is now facing 10 years in federal prison.  The other is 58-years-old and is looking at a prison sentence of nine years.

The claimed scheme was supposed to have involved drug runners taking trips to Florida to acquire oxycodone pills from the individuals that were charged.  The two allegedly trafficked hundreds of thousands of pills.  The two individuals are reportedly the last of 13 individuals arrested in the scheme to face sentencing.

After 4 years, Florida DUI case continues to be disputed

Being charged with a DUI in many circumstances can be devastating. In one noteworthy Florida case, a high-profile businessman may be facing DUI manslaughter charges that could result in significant prison time.

This matter has been ongoing for four years. One court decision to sentence this individual to 16 years in prison has already been tossed because of possible jury misconduct. Still, additional issues have arisen that may affect the way this matter is retried.

Florida man acquitted of rape was then charged with vandalism

It appears that the legal troubles of one Florida man have finally been resolved.  After being acquitted for rape, the 20-year old man was then charged with felony vandalism.  This individual was accused of breaking a jail cell window while awaiting trial for the rape charges.  Sheriff's deputies allege that he used a bolt removed from a shelf to break the window.

While such vandalism charges would normally have been tried as a misdemeanor, the young man was charged with a felony because the window in question was on government property.  However, as part of a plea deal the vandalism charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.

Federal government cracking down on unreported offshore income

Last year the Justice Department announced that Swiss banks had until Dec. 31, 2013 to submit letters of intent regarding the providing of U.S. taxpayer account information.  Any U.S. citizen with accounts in these banks will likely have their account information provided to the federal government. Anyone with foreign accounts larger than $10,000 must report the account.

Many U.S. residents will likely face criminal prosecution concerning unreported offshore accounts information.  The penalties that could result from non-disclosure could be significant.  Individuals could face tax fraud, filing a false tax statement or tax evasion and failing to file the form disclosing offshore accounts (known as FBAR).

High school coach accused of embezzlement takes his own life

A high school assistant football coach in Florida apparently committed suicide as a police investigation had been ongoing concerning alleged embezzlement of booster club funds. The coach had been accused of using a booster club credit card to purchase prescription drugs and rent hotel rooms and cars for close to $25,000.

While the high school for which he worked acknowledged that an investigation concerning the coach had been made, there apparently were no other claims of improper conduct prior to these assertions that were made. This individual recently resigned in his position as community coach citing personal reasons.

School officials charged with not reporting alleged child abuse

A former assistant superintendent who was also a principal in Florida is facing criminal charges concerning the alleged failure to report child abuse and the providing of false information to law enforcement officials.  As a hearing concerning these matters has been set for April 10, his attorney has filed a motion to have both counts dismissed.

Three faculty members at Manatee High School are said to have reported concerns about an assistant football coach to the principal.  The former football coach is now facing seven charges of misdemeanor battery concerning the supposed inappropriate touching of students and other staff members.  However, the coach has not been charged with either child abuse or child sexual abuse.